Java Super : The dual purpose chicken from Indonesia

This breed is developed by Indonesian chicken breeder. They use Rhode Island Red and white leghorn as the great parent. The chicken performance is better than common java chicken.
This is java super chicken

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Change to dotcom

It is important to raise our blog or website looks33.gif. We change the extension to dot com. I hope some visitor enjoy our new blog. Here is the new url

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Raise Green Wood Pigeon

I like the meat of Green Wood Pigeon because it is more delicious than common pigeon or rock dove. Some village people also has same opinion with me. They hunt those bird at hot spring ( i think i is not hot as boiled water) 04.gif. Green dove like to find drink at hot spring that contaion important mineral. While, the diet of biord is wild fruit, nectar, and seed. Some bird in captivity want papaya, banana, and paddy. I think I can breed this dove too. Green dove is Columbidae family like spotted dove, pigeon, zebra dove, ans do may.
With care this bird, we do not have to hunt the bird in wild and we can keep the jungle ecosystem.

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Serama worth $70,000

To be honest, I will no buy the chicken that worth around $70,000. I prefer to save money at deposit or invest it at stock. A Serama champion chicken worth million rupiah or hundreds dollar. I will buy this chicken for $25 only. The champion chicken has smallest body, and beautiful feather.You can watch my blog here :

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How to breed Canary

Canary is a small bird which has beautiful song. Some people breed this nice bird to produce a canary with beautiful and load song. They crossbreed the genuine canary with other finch to produce good canary. If you want this nice bird, you can follow these steps:

Content Source: BukisaHow to Breed Canary Bird

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How to Breed Zebra Finch

Zebra Finch is a beautiful finch from Australia. This bird is easy to breed and prolific. It can start to breed at the age three months. The hen lays two to five eggs. If you want breed the bird you can follow these steps.

Content Source:

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Japanese Exhibition Chicken

Japan has some domesticated chicken whose has beautiful feather. The Japanese Chicken also has unique characteristics that are different with other exhibition chicken. Here are the beautiful Japanese exhibition chickens.

Content Source: BukisaJapanese Exhibition Chicken

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