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Java Super : The dual purpose chicken from Indonesia

This breed is developed by Indonesian chicken breeder. They use Rhode Island Red and white leghorn as the great parent. The chicken performance is better than common java chicken. This is java super chicken Advertisements

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How to breed Canary

Canary is a small bird which has beautiful song. Some people breed this nice bird to produce a canary with beautiful and load song. They crossbreed the genuine canary with other finch to produce good canary. If you want this … Continue reading

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Awesome Fancy Pigeon Breeds

Awesome Fancy Pigeon Breeds There are some pigeon whose has beautiful feather and weird. Some people care pigeon as fancy bird ornamental bird. They care at the pen only. This pigeon has beautiful feather and body shape. Some pigeon has … Continue reading

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Seven Native Australia Bird

Seven Native Australian Bird Australia is far from any countries and it has unique bird. Some unique bird is beautiful bird you can see some photos in this article. Native Australian Bird Content Source: Bukisa – Seven Native Australian Bird

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