Awesome Fancy Pigeon Breeds

Awesome Fancy Pigeon Breeds

There are some pigeon whose has beautiful feather and weird.

Some people care pigeon as fancy bird ornamental bird. They care at the pen only. This pigeon has beautiful feather and body shape. Some pigeon has performance that different from common pigeon. It because the

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How to Race Homing Pigeon

How to Race Homing Pigeon

Homing pigeon was born to race. They are wonderful bird that can fly for long distance. Here are steps to race the bird

People have used pigeon for centuries. Ancient civilizations, such as Cartage, Egypt, and Roman used pigeon for communication has stopped after World War II. Today, people care homing pigeon for hobby. They contend pigeon race periodically. The winner will get prizes.

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Wonderful Love Bird Color

Wonderful Lovebird Colors

Lovebird is a bird from African that has beautiful color. Today, the breeder has been success to develop some color, such as, blue, yellow, lavender, and others.

Lovebird is a famous pet bird. This bird is a beautiful singer. It can mimic other bird song. This bird origin is Africa. The habitat is savanna and steppe. They find the food at those places. The diet is seed, grain and weed. They live in a small flock.

This bird is monogamous. The bird build nest in died wood. Both cock and hen dig the wood and nest at there. Both hen and cock hatch the egg. You can build nest box for a pair of Lovebird.

This is small size parrot, which is only 13 to 17 cm in long. It weighs 40 to 60 grams only. There are various color of lovebird. In nature, the bird is green color. The breeder can make some bird color like blue, yellow, white, and more. Here are the variety color of lovebird:

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Seven Native Australia Bird

Seven Native Australian Bird

Australia is far from any countries and it has unique bird. Some unique bird is beautiful bird you can see some photos in this article.

Native Australian Bird

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